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Cheap Cruises from Australia

In the land Down Under, people may have little motivation to go on cruises because the weather is already perfect as it is. The country is also blessed with wonderful beaches and natural beauty that rivals no other. However, when Aussies need a little respite from the glaring sun and the lure of wanderlust beckons, a cruise is in order.

Cruises need not be expensive. If you know what you are looking for and is patient enough, you can find a cruise  from Australia at an affordable price. Some of these often depart on off-peak months but you can still get discounted prices for peak seasons if you book your trip months in advance. It’s all about planning and good foresight.

Holland America offers very affordable cruise in February of 2009. Discounts range from 20% to 44% and departs from Sydney, Australia to ports of call in various cities around Asia. Another voyage leaving Sydney in November 2008, for Auckland is discounted by 45%. There are two cruise ships also departing from Sydney still February next year. The Fred Olsen Cruise travels to several ports in Africa and has starting prices slashed by 45%.

If you do not want to go far, there are also voyages around Australia (such as the Great Barrier Reef or to other cities like Melbourne or Perth) or to nearby Auckland, New Zealand. It also leaves from Sydney, October next year and prices are slashed 43% and 29%. Celebrity also has their own trips bound for New Zealand. The Regent (Radisson) Cruise Line has ships leaving to the Mediterranean from Sydney with discounts ranging from 42% to 46% as well as one Fred Olsen Cruise ship with its brochure price slashed by 45%.

Aside from Sydney, there are also cheap cruises from Australia laid on by Princess Cruises leaving Melbourne, Australia bound for Auckland, New Zealand with 25% off its starting price. The Royal Caribbean Cruise has one ship leaving Perth March of next year for Auckland, New Zealand. The most comprehensive cruise that Australia offers are round-the-world cruise trips leaving Auckland and Sydney with prices discounted by 37% to 46%.

Some of these trips offer onboard credit and others can offer outright discounted prices. The best way to check out good prices, however, is to browse the internet and call the toll-free number to verify the exact prices. If you are patient enough to undergo this process, you will get your dream course without burning your wallet.

Cruises from England to Australia

Cruises from England to Australia have been popular with society in the heydays of travel. Some of these transatlantic voyages often take months but today, with advances in technology, it takes a mere week or more for the travel to be completed. Cruises from England to Australia are very popular with the English. Australia being a former colony of the British Empire shares the same mentality and culture. A desire to visit this jewel in the tropics can be very appealing to the cold winters in England.

There are several cruises that travel to these destinations such as Celebrity cruises with their line of magnificent ships. Cruises from England to Australia (usually docking in Sydney) are longer than the usual cruises so these ships are built in a grand scale making the whole experience wonderful and memorable. Celebrity’s cruise ships provide an international crew that caters to their passengers. The interior is made of magnificent décor that speaks of glitz and glamour.

Some of the cruises from England to Australia have fantastic restaurants and stores where you can get basic necessities. Food is already included in your passage ticket but passengers are given the option to sample gourmet food from some of the world’s best chefs. There are several choices of rooms, from regular rooms to suites, staterooms with ocean views to rooms with personal outdoor balconies.

Cruise ships will have hard-to-please passengers so activities are well-planned and well-thought out. Programs are divided into age groups, allowing for a great mix of people. There are day care centers where parents can leave their children while they enjoy the rest of the ship. The staff members are competent so you can be sure that your kids are in good hands.

Cruise ships offer film festivals, dances for teenagers and various games for the kids. Onshore activities include guided tours to Australia’s sights like the Opera House in Sydney and the sights around the cities of Melbourne and Perth. While in Australia, why not take the many short cruises that will take you to the sights around the city. Better yet, why not continue on to see one of the world’s natural wonders, the Great Barrier Reef. Cruises from England to Australia will be one vacation experience that you will not regret.

Cruises from Sydney Australia

Australia offers one of the best nature and culture cruises in the world. You can never go wrong on taking a cruse around the continent. There are a variety of cruises from Sydney Australia. Captain Cook Cruise Line is a popular line of small ships leaving the Sydney Harbor. The port itself is already offering a magnificent view of the Opera House. Designed by Joem Utzon, the Sydney’s Opera House is one of the city’s most enduring symbols. You can also start your cruise with a trip to the Rocks, an area dedicated to the British settlement first established in 1788. It is now full of street entertainment, markets and walking tours to the historic places.

There are three-night, four-night and seven-night cruises from Sydney Australia to the Barrier Reef, one of the great wonders of the world. Leaving the Sydney Harbor, prepare your heart for one of the greatest adventures of your life. The Great Barrier Reef is described as the only living thing that you can see from outer space and its vastness and beauty does not compare when you’re actually there seeing it for the first time. It is home to thousands species of fish and other marine animals. You can snorkel, dive and scuba in its magnificent waters. The white sand beaches it just so fine and powdery that you cannot wish for anything more.

The outer Headley Reefs and Ribbon are just some of the other places where you can find great scuba and snorkeling activities. Take a boat to Lizard Island and marvel at the giant clams that are all over the island. Going ashore, you can hear the birds singing and the rainforest will just leave you speechless. Cruise ships offer tours ashore as well as scuba and other water equipment. You can spend hours on the beach just lounging around or take part in the cruise ships onshore activities. The cruise ships that come to the great Barrier Reefs gives each visitor the chance to take part in one of the world’s remaining natural jewels. When you take cruises from Sydney Australia, you can experience both fun, sun and a little bit of culture making it truly one remarkable vacation.

Cruises from Australia

One of the best ways to spend and enjoy your vacation is on a luxury cruise that will take you to see many different places sans the hassle of getting on and off airplanes or taking long bus rides. With cruises from Australia you know that you have a great place to go back to. Plus, the living style on a cruise ship is simply wonderful.

Cruises depart from every location imaginable. And it would be most convenient if you are able to board a luxury cruise that departs near your hometown. That means you won’t have to spend any more time travelling to and from your cruise destination.

There are several luxury cruises from Australia that depart in and around the local ports. Most of these cruises last between 12 and 20 days, sometimes longer depending on the cruise schedule and tour destination. Typically cruises from Australia visit cities in the continental United States, Canada, and even a few destinations in Asia. There are also some cruises from Australia that are dedicated to roaming around the Australian costs, giving locals and tourist on board a tantalizing taste and view of wonderful Australia.

Notable cruises from Australia include the Sun Princess line. Sun Princess cruises take their passengers all over the continent and can last an average of 15 days. Travellers can either choose from cruises that depart from their Australian home town or those that return to it. The Sun Princess cruise from all over Australia includes:

  • A Sydney Return Cruise
  • Sydney to Fremantle
  • Fremantle return cruise
  • Fremantle to Sydney and a few others.

These types of cruises from Australia are perfect for those individuals who only have a limited time off work. These cruises are also more affordable compared to longer ones.

If you’re after longer cruises from Australia, then you can take those that can bring you all over the world, or at least the Pacific. The Sun Princess cruise can give that option for you. They offer cruises that circle the Pacific. These cruises include those that depart from Sydney and end up in California or the other way around.

There are other great cruises from Australia in addition to this. These include the “Royal Caribbean or the RCL Rhapsody of the Seas. They offer a 13 day cruise that starts in Sydney and tours the South Pacific and New Caledonia. The Royal Caribbean and RCL also offer a shorter 10 day tour within the same locales.


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A note on the north island.

There are many spectacular destinations.  The choice is wide – beaches to dream about, walks that can fascinate, well-trod mountain ranges or simply great places to camp.  One of these is at Ruatiti, just two kilometres north of Raetihi on the A4 and then about 22 kilometres inland.  It is a free campsite in the fork of two rivers full of trout and a home of the treasured blue duck.  Their presence is carefully monitored by Rufus Bristol.  He takes a raft downstream during nesting time to keep an eye on the nest-sites dotted along the bank.  The duck is unusual because it has a special beak that allows it to feed in fast flowing streams.  A day, possibly two or even three is worth the effort of getting there. A experienced all this in my campervan hire NZ from Motorhome Republic.

The starting point however is most probably the Conservation Department’s yearly booklet which documents, a picture and a brief description together with giving the location, of all the camp sites under its management.  These camps are cheap, as varied as is typical of North Island destinations and scattered throughout the island.

Another is the Holiday Parks yearly map which is a directory of the commercial camp sites.  We find a mixture of these and freedom camping, DOC and Regional Council camp sites fit our purposes.  Our van is ‘self-contained’ but requires fresh water every three days plus dumping at designated sites.

Hahei Holiday Resort on the Coromandel Peninsula earned ten out of ten from our Derbyshire relatives on a recent tour.  There is a lovely beach with islands scattered both in the foreground and in the distance.  Cathedral Cove, which was an additional attraction, has unfortunately collapsed quite recently, but there are plenty of places to visit nevertheless.

This note is simply an introduction, providing examples of our favourite spots. We have had our two berth Ford Transit van for six years.  It doesn’t make us an authority but we have had time to get off the main roads and explore.

For those looking to experience NZ, a rental car is a must. Consider a Christchurch Airport car hire or car hire at Auckland Airport.